Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thusday May 17 2012

shooting @ Bull/Broughton
 What a day! I was sitting at Starbucks when Rachel called at 8:05 AM. She was sick and wanted to go to the doctor. I told her to go back home and I'll meet you there. A minute later, I got up and walked away from Bull/Broughton Streets. Before I could get in my car, I heard a shot!
Holy Crap! It was in front of Starbucks! I jumped behind my Subaru then heard a second shot. People were running towards me and screaming "get down".

glass shattered @ Saigon restaurant

car has bullet hole

As I was peeking out from behind my car, I saw the grey Jaguar with the doors open driving in reverse by itself. It slammed into the Saigon Restaurant then rolled back into the street. I stayed behind my car.... called 9-1-1.

After a few seconds, the police were there. Then I came out from behind the car and closed my driver's door. Everyone started coming out of doorways and stores. Lots of talk about what happened. All I know is my car was instantly blocked in as part of the crime scene. Damn. I couldn't leave. I was stuck up on Broughton Street. Starbucks was the crime scene so I couldn't go back there. Panera Bread was also blocked off so I couldn't go there. I was trapped, like a rat. Thankfully I'd already had my coffee or it could have been very ugly.

After a few minutes, a helicopter started circling overhead. It was getting annoying. I finally checked out (thank you Steve Jobs for the I-phone with internet service). Turns out the shooter was holed up at the Pink House Restaurant a couple of blocks away. Now there were 2 helicopters circling and SWAT arrived. I knew then, I wanted OUT. I helped the young officer raise the tape to let the manager of the Pink House in. Then I pleaded with him, I have a sick child at home.. He finally said, go quickly!

Now here I am safe at home in the 'hood. Seems kind of ironic don't ya think?

Update: So, the person doing the shooting up on Broughton Street, turns out it was a plainclothes policewoman that was in Starbucks. There was also an FBI man in Starbucks. From what was on the news, last night at 11 PM, men armed with automatic weapons, took a man and his son hostage in their home. This morning, the men forced the kidnap victim to go to with them to the bank to get them money. I don't know what happened next just that the policewoman saw the automatic rifle and fired at the car. One of the kidnappers holed up inside the Pink House for hours. A robot was sent in and eventually the dude was arrested. The other kidnapper took off in a different vehicle and went back to the area where the kidnapping had taken place. He ran his car off the road and was arrested, too.
Man in long shirt in front of the car is the kidnapping victim

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